This Christmas, Fulfill a Needy Child’s Christmas Wish

Christmas is a season of giving.

We give freely to our children, our family, our friends, our loved ones and ourselves.

BUT there are needy children in Singapore who will not get their Christmas presents.

This year, make Christmas special for them. Fulfill their Christmas wish.

My Christmas Wish wants to fulfill the Christmas wishes of 1,000 needy children in Singapore.

This Christmas, 1,000 primary school children are making their Christmas wishes.

Each of them is given a budget of $50 to choose the present of their choice.

They are usually school essentials like school uniforms, textbooks, stationery, bags and shoes.

And they are waiting for you to make their Christmas wishes come true.

I Want to Fulfill Children’s Wishes Now!

No. of Children’s Wishes

Donation by Cheque

Please make all cheques payable to “Celebrate Christmas In Singapore Ltd”.
Write “My Christmas Wish” at the back of the cheque.
And send to:

Celebrate Christmas In Singapore Limited
Secretariat Office35 Selegie Road, #10-14
Parklane Shopping Mall, Singapore 188307

For more information on My Christmas Wish, contact Choarui at