Christmas is Love
Christmas is about Love: God’s Love for humanity, that He gave THE GREATEST GIFT to us in the person of Jesus Christ. Christians all over the world celebrate this occasion and in Singapore, “Celebrate Christmas in Singapore” (CCIS) is an event initiated by the Christian community to spread this message of Love. “Joy, Peace and Goodwill Toward Men” message is expressed through performances, interactive booths and colourful displays along Orchard Road during this period. The foundation theme for CCIS is “Christmas is Love”. It is about Touching Lives, Sharing the Moment and Blessing the Community.

Touching Lives
The desire to Touch Lives is at the heart of CCIS’ outdoor programmes, all of which are run by volunteers. It is an intentional act of wanting to “Make the Difference.” Take this opportunity to touch the lives of those who matter to you. CCIS Programmes are designed to help you reach out to your loved ones. Take that step; make that difference!

Sharing the Moment
Love is an expression that needs to be acted out. Make time this Christmas to Share the Moment with someone you truly care about: family, relatives, colleagues and friends. Spend time with them to experience the joy of Christmas through CCIS’ rendition of the Christmas Story in songs, dances, displays, etc.

No one to Share the Moment with? Come to Orchard Road and volunteer as a CCIS helper. You’ll be surprised how many people there are who feels lonely and unloved even on such a festive occasion like Christmas. Be their friend.

Blessing the Community
God did not intend His love and blessings to only be for Christians, but for the World. We who are blessed, must share our blessings. For the disadvantaged and underprivileged people in our midst, this is an occasion to bless them. Each year, CCIS nominates several charity organisations and underprivileged children to bless, regardless of language, religion or race. Through these, CCIS seeks to strengthen the fabric of the multiracial and multi-religious Singapore. You too have an opportunity in joining us to Bless our Community.