Celebrate Christmas In Singapore (CCIS) is an occasion for all Christians to step forward to bless the community, without reservations, terms or conditions. The Commandments to love God and love our neighbours can be practiced along Orchard Road each night during this period.

We invite all believers in the Faith to pray for CCIS 2019:

  • For every believer of God to have the opportunity to touch someone’s lives and bless the community;
  • That God will grant us good weather throughout the event so that we can share the joy and peace of Christmas with everyone;
  • For every participant and performer to maintain good health and well-being, and that they will find meaning and purpose in reaching out to Touch, Share and Bless the people in Singapore;
  • For God’s Message of Love, Joy and Peace in this Advent Season through His Gift of Jesus Christ;
  • Volunteers to step forward to offer time and effort to make this Event meaningful;
  • Funds to defray the cost of staging this Event.